Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has selected Anrtisu’s ME7838A broadband mm-wave test system to provide measurements supporting the development of new, high-frequency devices and components.

The ME7838A is a combination of Anritsu’s leading-edge MS4640 VectorStar vector network analyser and the company’s advanced measurement modules. The ME7838A is particularly well suited to wafer probing and to measurement of sensitive components because the modules are very small and light. This makes the modules easy to mount as close as possible to the probe tip, thus reducing the system’s sensitivity to signal losses in the application’s cabling.

Researchers at Chalmers will use the ME7838A to take extremely accurate measurements on transistors, mixers, and other new components, including devices fabricated in the university’s InP and GaN facility. In such component testing applications, the ME7838A’s measurement stability over time and temperature, and its advanced calibration and de-embedding capabilities, provide for greater accuracy and reliability of measurements than are available from systems using older and bulkier measurement modules.

Jonathan Borrill, EMEA Director of Marketing at Anritsu, said: “The ME7838A broadband measurement system continues to be the world’s best solution for high-frequency network analyser measurements. This is why it has been selected for use in device characterization in many of the world’s top research institutes. Anritsu is now proud that our equipment is supporting Chalmers University in its ground-breaking research in the area of high-frequency components.”