The Fraunhofer Institute for high frequency physics and radar technology (FHR) in Wachtberg, Germany has decided to use the world's first 145 GHz broadband millimetre-wave test system, based upon the ME7838A system from Anritsu, for measurements for the development of new high frequency equipment and components.

The system is a combination of the state of the art VectorStar B MS4647B vector network analyser and the advanced broadband measuring modules from Anritsu, which cover the frequency range of 70 kHz to 145 GHz in one sweep coaxially for the first time with a new type of 0.8 mm plug connector standard.

The Millimetre-wave radar and microwave sensors department (MHS) of the Fraunhofer Institute uses the VNA system for performing extremely precise measurements on transistors, mixers and other new Silicon-germanium (SiGe) components. The exceptionally good stability over time and temperature range guarantees the reproducibility of the measurement results for the measurements accompanying development. Modern calibration and de-embedding functions also guarantee a high degree of reliability.

This system is particularly well suited to the wafer probe characterisation of SiGe technologies, which are increasingly used today in the higher GHz bands for wireless broadband communication and radar.

The ME7838A Broadband system is particularly qualified as these modules are very small and light weight and can thus be directly connected at the probe tip without additional coaxial cable. The measuring sensitivity and dynamics of the system can be optimised as a result. These modules also enable intermodulation and noise measurements beyond the 100 GHz limit.

Prof. Pohl, Department Manager from FHR, said: "This new type of 145 GHz broadband measuring system is currently the best solution in the world for our purposes for network analyser measurements in the millimetre-wave range". Anritsu is very proud that an institute of the Fraunhofer organisation has repeatedly declared itself in favour of the standards-setting technologies of Anritsu.