Anritsu Corporation Microwave Measurement Division (MMD) announces that the China National Institute of Metrology (NIM) Microwave Parameters Lab has selected the Anritsu VectorStar™ ME7838A 110 GHz broadband Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) system. The lab will use the advanced test solution to develop standards for on-wafer S-parameter calibration procedures.

Lab Director Dr. XinMeng Liu stated that the VectorStar ME7838A broadband VNA was selected because of its wide 70 kHz to 110 GHz frequency coverage, excellent dynamic range and calibration stability, very low high-power trace noise, and high measurement repeatability. The solution will be used as part of an initiative to develop a national Scattering parameter metrology standard for China.

 “This system meets the domestic electronic industry requirement for millimeter-wave (mm-wave) parameter traceability. The mm-wave multiplier module in the VectorStar ME7838A uses the most advanced technology to achieve small size and light weight. Also, the compact size and 1.0-mm coaxial connector allow for a direct connection to the 1.0-mm coaxial microwave probe tips for on-wafer measurements. By eliminating the cable connection between the mm-wave module and the probe, the highest measurement dynamic range is ensured, making the ME7838A well suited for on-wafer measurement applications,” said Dr. XinMeng Liu.

 The VectorStar ME7838A is the most accurate noise figure measurement solution above 65 GHz available in China. Best-in-class performance is achieved, in part, due to the new 3744A-Rx mm-wave receiver module, which is specifically optimized for noise figure measurements. Additionally, a cold source method is integrated in the VectorStar ME7838A and used for noise figure measurements up to 125 GHz to achieve highly accurate results.

 “We are honored that the VectorStar ME7838A has been chosen by the China National Institute of Metrology as this renowned institute begins to develop a mm-wave parameter metrology standard for China. Anritsu has a long heritage of developing leading-edge VNA solutions that meet industry needs. VectorStar is our latest innovation and specifically meets the high-frequency measurement requirements of engineers worldwide,” said Donn Mulder, General Manager of Anritsu MMD.