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picoChip Showcases TD-SCDMA Femtocell

picoChip announced that the first public demonstration of its PC8808 TD-SCDMA femtocell software reference design in China marks its general availability in the market. At the same time, picoChip revealed Digimoc , a Chinese solution provider of femtocells, as its first publicly disclosed TD-SCDMA customer. Digimoc is using picoChip's...
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Rogers to Feature Advanced Circuit Material and Thermal Solutions

Rogers will be showcasing new advanced packaging material and thermal management solutions at the upcoming IMAPS show (November 4-6, Providence, RI). Rogers' Advanced Circuit Materials Division (ACMD) will feature its new RO2808 high frequency circuit material. With a dielectric constant of 7.6, the ceramic-filled PTFE material offers the stability...
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Aeroflex Accelerates LTE Infrastructure Development

Aeroflex announced the launch of an LTE version of its industry-standard TM500 multi-handset (multi-UE) test mobile designed to enable infrastructure equipment vendors accelerate the pace of their LTE development projects. At the same time, Aeroflex also announced that it has won a contract to supply a major infrastructure equipment...
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WiMAX World Show Wrap-up

A report from the WiMAX World Conference, Exhibition and 4G Exectuive Summit.
WiMAX World 2008 was held once again at Chicago’s McCormick Place Conference Center from September 29 through October 1st. The event brought together businesses engaged in 4G network development, including component and equipment manufacturers, service providers, content and application developers, and the financial investment community. The underlying goal of...
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Focus on EuRAD and an Overview of the Radar Market

By Alexander Yarovoy, European Radar Conference 2008 Chairman
A warm welcome to the 5 th European Radar Conference (EuRAD) being held in Amsterdam as part of European Microwave Week. The European Radar Conference started in Amsterdam four years ago thanks to the inspiration and determination of Leo Ligthart. Since then the number of submitted and accepted papers...
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ITU Asia: Mobile broadband revolution emerges

Service addresses Asia-Pac pent-up demand for broadband
Mobile broadband is revolutionizing broadband access across Asia-Pacific in developed and emerging markets. It is meeting pent-up broadband demand while being marketed as both a fixed line replacement, and as a personal and mobile broadband experience. Focusing on consumers and 3G-based technologies, Nathan Burley discusses the mobile broadband revolution...
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Xohm goes live, but is NSN defocusing on WiMAX?

Speculation that Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) will defocus on the WiMAX market has gained new weight, with Sprint Nextel defecting to Samsung to supply the Dallas-Fort Worth build-out for its Xohm service. The operator insists this is just a practicality, because the Texas city became ready for its equipment...
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