Mobile Experts released a 94-page market study, which provides detailed analysis of Small Cells and Low Power Base Stations. In this market study, deep insights are revealed to illustrate how the mobile infrastructure market is changing to address a need for concentrated mobile traffic in multiple scenarios.

Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts explained, "During 2013, the deployment of 200,000 small cells in Asia has validated the accuracy of our forecasting over the past five years. This year, we've added revenue analysis and more quantitative 'trigger points' into our forecast based on real-world examples in Korea."

The 94-page market study includes analysis on multiple types of Small Cells, and also for small base stations (often called microcells or picocells) which utilize a traditional RAN architecture. In addition, the study includes detailed analysis of Low Power Remote Radio Head applications, which are expected to enable Cloud RAN (C-RAN) functionality in the indoor environment.

"We've interviewed more than 30 mobile operators and 40 suppliers to collect data for this market study," explained Mr. Madden. "Our relationship with the Small Cell Forum has also helped us greatly in gathering high-level information from mobile operators.  By collecting detailed shipment and deployment information, we are able to present a forecast with specific data by region, by frequency band, by mode, by application type, and many other dimensions."

This 94-page market study includes more than 80 charts and diagrams, including:

  • System diagrams illustrating expected Small Cell architectures;
  • Shipment forecasts for microcells, picocells, femtocells, and RRH units;
  • Pricing and revenue forecasts for each type of small cell;
  • Cumulative shipment and installed base projections for small cells;
  • Forecasts for multimode, adaptable mode, and single mode small cells;
  • Forecasted adoption of integrated Wi-Fi with small cells; and
  • Analysis of the balance between C-RAN, DAS, Wi-Fi, and Small Cells.