Thales, a global technology leader for the aerospace, transportation and defence & security markets, will be participating in the 14th Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition and conference, which takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 14 to 17 April. The company will be exhibiting a wide range of equipment in the fields of Communication, Optronics and Air operations.

Thales is leading the way for air defence solutions and is able to deliver a fully integrated air defence capability, from radars and C2 centres through to effectors and their respective fire control systems. The company’s Advanced Air Defence offering is an integrated set of solutions designed to ensure timely decision-making and effective responses for the protection of military forces, key assets, nations and citizens around the globe.

Thales and ThalesRaytheonSystems have developed, manufactured and supported best-in-class air defence systems for customers worldwide for more than 40 years. Over 300 air defence radars have been sold to 26 countries. Thales is also the world's leading supplier of integrated weapon systems, with more than 450 mobile, integrated systems in service with customers throughout the world.

Thales offers a broad array of communication products and solutions to provide the armed forces with the information superiority and network-centric capabilities they need. The company  provides interoperable systems and a complete range of tactical radios for all levels of command, from C2 centres to infantry in the field and for land, air and naval platforms, to meet the requirement for air-to-air, ground-to-air and surface-to-air communications.

Thales is also a world leader in proven identification systems with the capability to provide real-time identification of friendly forces in the most demanding environments. A wide range of communication and identification systems will be exhibited at DSA.

Thales is also a lead system integrator, which provides interoperable, secure and critical Computerised, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems for information superiority on the digitised battlespace, in order to support the decision-making process for Commander and Crew and at the tactical operational level for Defence and Army forces. C4ISR solutions for information superiority on the digitised battlespace will be on display on the Thales’s stand.

Thales’ optronic equipment and systems will be showcased alongside the company’s naval solutions that include state-of-the-art naval sensor systems and a new development in integrated sensor, effector and combat management technology especially for smaller vessels.