Modelithics Inc., the industry leader in simulation models for RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices, announces the release of The Modelithics COMPLETE Library V11 for Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS). The Modelithics COMPLETE Library offers the industry’s most comprehensive collection of advanced and highly scalable simulation models for passive components and non-linear models for active devices such as diodes, transistors, amplifiers and more. They are engineered to provide extensive design flexibility and reliably accurate design simulation results.  Model features include substrate scaling, pad scaling, optimization/tuning compatibility, temperature scaling, part value scaling, non-linear simulation, and more.

Over 75 new models have been added to the Modelithics COMPLETE library since Version 10, and it now represents OVER 10,000 RF & MICROWAVE DEVICES. New simulation models recently added include several AVX capacitor and inductor families, Aeroflex/Inmet high-power resistors, Coilcraft inductor families, a Syfer capacitor family, M/A-COM varactor diodes, Chilisin and Murata ferrite beads, Passive Plus capacitor families, and Mini-Circuits LTCC filters. In addition, Modelithics COMPLETE V11 contains several X-Parameters* models for TriQuint and Mini-Circuits amplifiers.

Enhanced features included in the V11 release include advanced pad treatment capability with the new “pad_mode” parameter and increased pad scaling to include IPC least and most limits. Modelithics has also introduced a new S-Parameter library containing a selection of S-parameter file-based models that have previously only been available by individual download from the Modelithics website. All S-parameter models are now conveniently available in the Modelithics palette within ADS and have features such as part-value selection and quick access to model information data sheets.

Modelithics offers a free evaluation library, called Modelithics SELECT, which contains a sampling of the advanced simulation models. The SELECT library can be downloaded from the Modelithics website: For more information, please contact Modelithics at