Ampleon will showcase at the European Microwave Week (held in Milan between 25 through 30 September) their latest solutions and innovative products in GaN and LDMOS technologies. Among the products on display will be ones aimed at wireless infrastructure, avionics/defence, non-cellular communication, cooking/ defrosting and ISM-related applications.

A key highlight for visitors to the Ampleon booth (#B36) will be the brand new CLL3H0914L-700 GaN-SiC HEMT. This rugged GaN transistor is optimised for radar implementations where long pulse width and high-duty cycles are required. The transistor was engineered to achieve over 700 W of peak output power from a single transistor while operating at a voltage of 50 V with industry-leading efficiency of over 70 percent as well as designed thermally for long pulse applications, such as pulse widths (~2 milliseconds) and 20 percent duty cycles.

These L-Band GaN HEMT superior performance capabilities are demonstrated in a variety of application reference designs shown at the booth⁠—including ones for defence/aerospace bands (960 to 1250 MHz and 1030 to 1090 MHz), plus an L-Band ground base radar (1200 to 1400 MHz).

This high-power density and low-thermal resistance HEMT is now in full volume production. Units are available directly from Ampleon or authorised distribution partners, RFMW and Digi-Key. Large signal models in ADS and MWO can be sourced via the Ampleon website.   

You can also learn more by coming to booth #B36 at European Microwave Week.