Ampleon announced the release of two new broadband GaN-on-SiC HEMT transistors in the power classes of 30 W CLF3H0060(S)-30, 100 W CLF3H0035(S)-100. These high linearity devices are the initial products from their Generation 3 GaN-SiC HEMT process recently qualified and released to production.

The devices offer broadband high linearity features under low bias settings to raise the performance levels for broadband linearity (under -32dBc third-order intermodulation products at 5 dB, and less than -42 dBc at 8dB back-off from saturated power over a 2:1 bandwidth). Broadband linearity is vital for frequency-agile radios deployed in today’s defense electronics for handling multi-mode communication waveforms (from FM through high-order QAM signals) with simultaneous application of countermeasure channels. These demanding applications require transistors with inherently better broadband linearity. Based on market feedback, the Ampleon Generation 3 GaN-on-SiC HEMT transistors meet these extended broadband linearity requirements. 

In addition, the Generation 3 transistors are housed in a thermally enhanced package, which enables reliable operation and offers an extremely rugged VSWR withstand capability of up to 15:1 for a 30 Watt device. The ruggedness extends to Class A operation, common to instrumentation applications with saturated gate conditions while maintaining linearity over a wide dynamic range at extended frequency ranges. Ampleon’s Generation- 3 GaN-on-SiC HEMT transistors set a new standard for high linearity GaN technology for broadband applications while maintaining excellent thermal and ruggedness features. 

These transistors are available directly from Ampleon, or authorized distributors RFMW and Digi-Key. Large-signal models in ADS and MWO are available from Ampleon’s website.