As part of the French Nano 2022 public-private program, UMS and several French partners will develop “smart RF solutions,” new integration technologies for systems in package (SiP). Named Smart3, the project will:

  • Integrate complex RF and digital circuit functions using GaN and silicon technologies.
  • Establish an ecosystem of academic and industrial partners.
  • Commercialize a new generation of a high technology products using the SiP technology.

Smart3 represents a financial commitment close to €25 million for all partners.

The Nano 2022 program, launched by the French Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, is the French segment of a European Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI), which is dedicated to supporting R&D and pre-industrialization, leading to the production of new generations of electronic components. IPCEI is supporting components key to the industries of the future, such as automotive, 5G communications, IoT, AI, aerospace and security. It is organized around five technology domains: low consumption digital components, power components, smart sensors, manufacturing equipment and composite technologies.

The French Nano 2022 program will generate some €5 billion in investment from 2018 through 2022, encompassing seven projects led by Murata, Sofradir, Soitec, ST Microelectronics, ULIS, UMS and X-Fab. Each company will mobilize academic and industrial laboratories and companies to support their respective elements.

Nano 2022 provides France with the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for future markets, including new domains such as health and energy harvesting. It is viewed as an accelerator for the industry in France, helping small-to-medium enterprises grow their technical capabilities.