Ampleon announced the 200 W BPC10M6X2S200 LDMOS-based power amplifier module suitable for use in a variety of plasma lighting, industrial heating, medical and RF cooking and defrosting applications. Operating in the 423 MHz to 443 MHz frequency range, this compact lightweight pallet measures 125 x 33 mm, weighs 85 g and can operate in pulsed or continuous wave modes.

It has a matched 50 Ω input and output, thus making the integration process simpler and eliminating the need for any additional matching components, saving both space and reducing costs. The amplifier also benefits from excellent ruggedness credentials and is capable of withstanding a VSWR of 10:1 for a short duration.

This high-efficiency amplifier, typically 74 %, helps keep the cooling requirements to a minimum, and its two-stage high gain characteristic of 38 dB further eases design-in into the end-application, requiring less input signal to achieve 200 W at the output.

The BPC10M6X2S200 also benefits from an integrated directional coupler with detectors to control forward and reflected power.