Ampleon launched a small, signal generator IC with a programmable frequency synthesizer able to generate a signal in the 433, 915 and 2,400 MHz ISM bands. The BLP25RFE001 device is designed for a variety of RF energy applications, such as industrial heating, defrosting or cooking and plasma lighting.

Providing an all-in-one solution for RF signal generation, the signal generator is software controllable via an SPI bus and incorporates a 360 degree phase shifter that can be programmed in steps of 1.4 degrees, providing a high level of system control. Daisy chaining devices allows coherent excitation of multiple RF amplifier chains at different phases, further contributing to easing system complexity and application development.

The BLP25RFE001 delivers up to +24 dBm output power from the on-chip medium power amplifier, and a low power amplifier provides a separate output up to +7 dBm. The signal generation has 20 dB gain control, an integrated RF switch for PWM control and a readable temperature sensor that measures the junction temperature of the die.

The IC operates from a single 3.3 VDC supply and is assembled in a miniature HVQFN28, occupying little PCB area, ideal for use in today’s space-constrained products.