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For high power RF systems, such as military and VHF/UHF radio, Mini-Circuits developed a bidirectional coupler that handles 200 W of combined DC and RF power. Covering 225 to 450 MHz, the MBDA-30-451HP provides a 30.5 dB coupled signal with ±0.85 dB flatness across the full band. Coupler directivity is typically 28 dB and mainline loss is 0.15 dB. The typical return loss for input, output and coupled ports is 30 dB. The high directivity ensures accurate sampling from the coupled port, and the good return loss extends over the entire frequency range.

The surface-mount, stripline design operates from−55° to +105°C and measures only 1.0" × 1.0" × 0.05". The coupler is fabricated using a laminated PCB process that includes wrap-around terminations for good solderability and easy visual inspection.

This coupler is a recent addition to Mini-Circuits’ new series of stripline-based models that provide extremely high power handling in a miniature, low profile printed laminate form factor. The series is designed for use in power amplifiers and antenna feeds and where high temperature is common. The MBDA-30-451HP is available off-the-shelf.

Brooklyn, N.Y.