The Mini-Circuits ZHL-100W-GAN+ is a 20 to 500 MHz, 100 W coaxial high power GaN amplifier featuring high efficiency and high IP2/IP3. It utilizes a high power GaN output stage, which offers higher efficiency (50 percent typical) than its GaAs, LDMOS and VDMOS counterparts. The ZHL-100W-GAN+ is an unconditionally stable Class-A amplifier with a typical gain of 42 dB, IP2 of +84 dBm and IP3 of +60 dBm. The noise figure is 7 dB typical over its operating band.

GaN FETs boast a maximum junction temperature of 250°C, translating into higher operating temperatures without adversely affecting the MTBF. The amplifier shuts off when base plate temperature exceeds +100°C and also has an over-voltage protection shutoff above 37 V. The rugged design even tolerates open or shorted output loads with no damage to the amplifier. Applications include VHF/UHF transmitters, defense projects, ham radio, FM, TV and laboratory use. The amplifier is RoHS compliant in accordance with EU Directive (2002/95/EC) and is available with and without cooling unit in a coaxial package.

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