Filtering Without Reflections: Flattening Multiplier Chain Conversion Efficiency & More

A new class of filter, which presents broadband matched impedance at it's ports, has recently been invented and made available. This new device, the reflectionless filter, has demonstrated a variety of benefits when used to replace conventional filters in a signal chain. This white paper briefly introduces the reflectionless filter and compares conventional filter and reflectionless filter behavior. Use cases are presented examining how reflectionless filters can improve system performance when used with mixers, ADCs, and receiver signal chains. Lastly, an experiment is described and test results presented to compare the conversion loss ripple in multiplier chains when reflectionless and reflective filters are used to filter spurious signals.

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MMIC Surface Mount Power Splitter/Combiner: EPQ-133+

Mini-Circuits’ EPQ-133+ is a wideband 7 to 12.5 GHz, 90° hybrid. It splits an input signal into two output signals with quadrature phase shift between them. It provides low loss, wideband in a small layout size and handles high power with good VSWR. Features include low insertion loss, 0.7 dB typ. at 9 to 10 GHz; good isolation, 19 dB typ. at 9 to 10 GHz; miniature size, 4 x 4 mm and high power.

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