The Mini-Circuits ZCDC30-01263-S+ wideband directional coupler offers exceptional performance operat­ing over 1 to 26.5 GHz. This coupler has excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and power handling. It is ideal for lab testing applications as well as for power monitoring over wide bands, among other applica­tions.


  • Wideband, 1 to 26.5 GHz
  • Excellent Coupling Flatness, ±0.4 dB typ.
  • Power Handling up to 20W

     Key Features
  • Wide bandwidth.....With a bandwidth spanning 1 to 26.5 GHz, ZCDC30-01263-S+ coupler is ideal for most lab testing applications, avoiding the need to switch components for different frequency bands.
  • Excellent Directivity.....(21 dB typ. up to 26.5 GHz)   High directivity allows sampling of input powers with minimal detrimental effects due to output mismatches.
  • Excellent coupling flatness, ±0.4 dB typ.....Excellent coupling flatness over the entire frequency range minimizes the need for compensation circuits in most cases.
  • Good Return Loss (In & Out).....(20 dB typ. up to 26.5 GHz)   Good return loss over


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