Mini-Circuits and Virginia Diodes have teamed together to offer a series of high-performance, High-Fidelity Waveguide Bandpass Filters: WVBP-Series waveguide bandpass filters for millimeter wave applications. WVBP-series filters are available in various bands spanning 27 to 86 GHz and are offered with standard WR waveguide interfaces. Built with precise machine tolerances and outstanding quality plating, WVBP-series filters provide low insertion loss in the passband, outstanding return loss, and high stopband rejection with fast roll-off.

 WVBP-series waveguide bandpass filters are built upon Virginia Diodes' distinguished experience developing metrology-grade equipment for millimeter-wave and THz bands, bringing leading-edge capabilities to Mini-Circuits customers working in high-frequency applications.


  • Precision Machining and Plating
  • Outstandin Return Loss
  • Super-High Rejection & Fast Roll-Off

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