Exceed Microwave is introducing the new WZ-Series waveguide bandpass filters with super low insertion loss and very high frequency selectivity. The low insertion loss makes the filter ideal for high-power transmitters and pre-select filters, preserving low noise figure. In addition to the high average power handling capability, the WZ-Series filters have high threshold voltage to avoid voltage breakdown.

The insertion loss of any bandpass filter will increase as bandwidth decreases, so the only way to reduce insertion loss is using resonators with higher Q-factor. Typical waveguide filters at C-Band use resonators with unloaded Q-factors in the range of 9000, while Exceed Microwave’s WZ-Series has unloaded Q-factors of approximately 30,000, allowing much lower insertion loss. Exceed Microwave’s eight-section WZ bandpass filter has less than 0.5 dB insertion loss at 4.76 GHz, with a 22 MHz or 0.45 percent bandwidth and greater than 80 dB rejection 40 MHz away from the center frequency. At V-Band, an eight-section WZ filter with 1 GHz bandwidth has 1 dB insertion loss and 80 dB rejection 1.57 GHz from the center frequency.

Exceed Microwave designs and manufactures custom, high performance waveguide and coaxial filters for defense, space and commercial applications. Exceed Microwave’s proprietary products include the WZ-Series low loss waveguide filters, WC-Series compact waveguide filters, waveguide notch filters with broad passbands and waveguide phase equalizers. Exceed supplies other filters and coaxial electro-mechanical switches. Exceed Microwave’s engineers work directly with customers to provide immediate response and the optimum solution.