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Contact: Hajime Yokota
Phone: (424) 558-8341


Exceed Microwave
370 Amapola Ave, #104
Torrance CA 90501
United States

Exceed Microwave based in Torrance California, provides custom high performance passive microwave component designs up to 67 GHz for Defense, Space, and Commercial applications.  Exceed Microwave is AS9100 certified and ITAR registered, providing high quality, high performance passive components.  We provide various types of designs, each with its own unique values and are designed and made in USA.  Many of our designs offer extremely high Q factor, allowing very low insertion loss and high power handling.  

Our engineers have many years of experience in the defense and space industries, providing high power, low insertion loss filters and multiplexers for F14 & F16 fighters as well as a number of high throughput satellite systems.

AS9100D / ISO9001:2015 Certified

ITAR Registered



Exceed Microwave’s WZ-Series Band-pass Filters utilize super high Q resonators, providing very low insertion loss while maintaining high selectivity.  Low insertion loss and the structural design allows for higher power handling than any other waveguide filter.  

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WC-Series Waveguide Bandpass Filters

Exceed Microwave’s WC-Series waveguide bandpass filters are high performance filters that come in small sizes. The typical length is half of the standard H-Plane Iris Coupled waveguide filters. Compared to standard waveguide filters, the WC-Series filters are capable of achieving very wide passbands.

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Waveguide Phase Equalizer

Exceed Microwave’s waveguide phase equalizer can reduce the peak-to-peak parabolic and cubic phase distortions across a wide frequency band. The phase equalizers are custom designed to each phase distortion requirement in digital systems. 

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