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Mini-Circuits has introduced the HPA-272+ high power rack mount amplifier that is capable of amplifying signals up to 100 W across the operating bandwidth of 700 to 2700 MHz. This new model delivers 48 dB typical gain with ±1.7 dB gain flatness across its operating frequency range. Its wide bandwidth covers popular application bands including wireless communications, SATCOM and radar in a single instrument, and its high gain performance and output power support a variety of high power test applications such as EMI, reliability testing, RF power stress testing, and more.

The amplifier operates on a standard 110/220V AC line power supply, making setup quick and easy in lab environments. Extensive safety features to prevent amplifier damage include over-temperature protection with automatic shutoff above 85°C and the ability to handle short/open loads. It comes housed in a rugged, 3U rack-mountable case with N-Type RF connectors, DB-9 connection on the front panel, and internal cooling fans, which makes it ideal to use in test equipment racks.

The HPA-272+ provides high reverse isolation (89 dB typical), thereby isolating load reflections. It achieves wide dynamic range with a typical noise figure of 8.2 dB and IP3 performance of +55 dBm, and is rated for operating temperatures from 0° to 50°C. The HPA-272+ high power amplifier is offered from stock at a very competitive price of $8,995 each – approximately one-third the cost of competitive products.

Brooklyn, N.Y.