Rogers Corp.’s Power Electronics Solutions (PES) group provides some of the world’s leading high-power and thermal management materials solutions with its ROLINX® and curamik® product lines.To assist engineers in achieving optimum performance and cost-effective results with these materials, Rogers PES hosts an information-packed Design Support Hub at This free design and application technology center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for visitors to the Rogers Corp. website.

Rogers PES Design Support Hub Resources

The PES Design Support Hub helps design engineers increase the power-handling capabilities, improve thermal management, and enhance the quality and reliability of their circuit designs via highly focused technical guidance and information. The PES Design Hub includes technical papers, product data sheets and brochures, instructional videos, and the unique PES University training program. These educational opportunities are based on PES’ various advanced power-handling and thermal-management materials and extend across all areas of electronics, from analog to digital devices and circuits, from audio through microwave frequencies, and from DC converters and batteries to microprocessors.

Technical literature available at the PES Design Support Hub includes reports on silicon nitride (Si3N4) substrates for power electronics and lifetime testing of laser diode coolers. Additional downloadable literature features data sheets and brochures on Rogers ROLINX and curamik material solutions for power handling and thermal management as well as design rules for the optimum use of specific material solutions, such as curamik ceramic substrates and DBC coolers and ROLINX busbars. Videos include a presentation on ROLINX busbars at PCIM Europe 2015 and PES capabilities videos in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Registration for the PES Design Support Hub is free and easy, at It simply requires basic identification such as name and address and a password for future access, and takes, at most, about 1-2 minutes to complete. Once registered, a visitor can access the many educational opportunities at the PES Design Support Hub at any time, and download the many articles, papers, data sheets, and brochures as PDF files for future use.

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