Anritsu Co. announces that its ME7873LA LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System has obtained the world's first LTE 3CA PTCRB certification. By obtaining PTCRB certification for 3CA, the ME7873LA supports deployment of LTE 3CA downlink, expected to be available in North America by the end of the year. 

The PTCRB-certified ME7873LA supports LTE 3CA tests defined in 3GPP Release 12, supporting LTE-Advanced devices operating on North American frequency bands. It provides mobile device manufacturers with a platform to address the market requirements for PTCRB validation, according to 3GPP standards.

The certification is part of Anritsu’s ongoing commitment to be a leading developer of LTE-Advanced conformance test, and builds on previously announced 3CA capability for Carrier Acceptance Test in the ME7834LA Mobile Device Test System. A scalable GCF, PTCRB, and carrier-validated test system, the ME7873LA enables certification of 3G and LTE devices to industry and carrier standards. The ME7873LA provides test coverage for Rel. 8 to Rel. 12 versions of 3GPP 36.521-1 (TX, RX, and Performance), 36.521-3 (Radio Resource Management – RRM) and carrier-specific Supplementary RF/RRM test packages.

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