7Layers and Anritsu Co. announce that 7Layers has upgraded its ME7873L RF/RRM conformance test system with Rel. 8, Rel. 9, and Rel. 10 Radio Resource Management (RRM), as well as carrier aggregation (CA) test capabilities. This upgrade significantly expands the 7Layers test portfolio, including RRM capabilities for conformance test (CT), carrier-specific RRM capabilities for carrier acceptance test (CAT), and Anritsu’s market-leading capabilities for LTE Advanced CA.

Anritsu offers a full range of RRM tests on the ME7873L platform, including for Rel. 8 as specified in GCF WI-080 and for Rel. 9 as specified in WI-0150, as well as CA tests for Rel. 10 as specified in WI-162, and additional carrier-specific RRM tests. In addition, Anritsu offers the most validated test cases across eight band combinations for CA. Recognizing Anritsu’s leadership in CA and RRM testing, 7Layers has made the decision to upgrade its ME7873L, increasing the value of its test offering to OEMs using 7Layers services.

“7Layers has relied on the ME7873L to conduct conformance tests to meet its customers’ requirements. With the expanded testing capability of the ME7873L, 7Layers will continue to address the needs of companies designing products for cutting-edge technologies such as LTE-Advanced,” said Wade Hulon, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company. “This is another example of Anritsu’s commitment to develop innovative test solutions that enable the industry to move technology forward.”

“Offering a wide selection of LTE testing options is an important part of our smarter world services portfolio,” said Fernando Rodríguez, COO of 7Layers. “Upgrading the Anritsu ME7873L increases our test capabilities and augments our capacity with a leading LTE test platform.”

The ME7873L is a scalable GCF- and PTCRB-validated test system that enables certification of LTE devices to industry and carrier standards. Test coverage is available for 3GPP 36.521-1 (TX, RX, and Performance), 36.521-3 (Radio Resource Management – RRM) and carrier-specific Supplementary RF/RRM test packages. The ME7873L provides industry-leading LTE-Advanced FDD CA test case coverage for both inter-band and intra-band CA with MIMO, using two Component Carriers (CC) in the downlink and either one or two CC (contiguous) in the uplink.