ART-Fi launches the ART-MAN Duobody Universal SAR measurement system,  the first single-unit, 100 percent vector system to measure SAR for worldwide requirements, meeting all the regulations for tissue simulation.

“We needed to produce a cost-effective SAR measurement solution for test labs and wireless manufacturers that were testing body SAR to both FCC and IEC requirements, so we made the ART-MAN Duobody unit,” said Benoit Derat. “The Duobody has two head side mannequins and two flat phantoms, making it a universal system for both head and body SAR testing to global regulatory requirements.”

Call it a twist of fate: the tissue simulating liquid for the head phantoms follow identical standards for IEC and FCC SAR measurements, while the body tissue-simulating material has two different sets of characteristics to comply with.

“In regulations as in life, we are all doing the best that we can. You get legacy concepts that seldom get revisited, due to the overwhelming progress of technology and the size of the total regulatory challenge. Some legacies have real impacts on industry,” said Benoît Derat.

SAR measurement systems can be costly, and the two different standards mean that labs need two different SAR measurement systems. Beyond practicality, ART-Fi insists the system has some important advantages.

“The Duo-Body, like ART-MAN, is the only system that can do simultaneous multi-frequency assessment and MIMO type antennas according to the latest standards. And we have the only array system with a legitimate measurement of the phase,” Benoit Derat added. “For companies who are concerned about carrier aggregation, MIMO type antennas and future device technologies, we’re the clear choice.”