ART-Fi, a global technology leader of near-field real-time measurement of electromagnetic waves, develops and manufactures the most advanced, state-of-the-art RF phasor scanner measurement systems in the world. Its revolutionary direct-phase technology D-PHASE© allows instant and precise near-field and far-field assessments thanks to its unique acquisition of all characteristics of electromagnetic waves.

The complexity of RF modules, smart antennas and connected devices increasing at relentless pace, pushed by a wave of innovation in connected devices and telecommunication networks. Timely and precise information are key to take the right decisions in relation to RF design at each step of the product lifecycle of connected devices, from product research, development, manufacturing, to distribution, repair, refurbish and retire.

Leading manufacturers of antennas, smartphones and connected devices, test laboratories, mobile network operators, refurbishers and regulatory agencies around the globe, rely on ART-Fi’s future-proof solutions to: speed up dramatically the research and development and time-to-market of new connected devices; enhance the quality assurance process; test the EM performance and RF safety of up to 100 percent of the manufactured products directly on the production lines; accurately measure the RF characteristics of devices in their real intended modes of operation, in particular in the presence of multiple RF emissions (cellular/Wi-Fi/BT, MIMO, 5G…).

ART-Fi announces a brand new product range that strengthens and extends its technology lead in real-time and accurate SAR(1) and OTA(2) test and measurements, with:




Upgradeable to ART-eST©

Upgradeable to ART-eST©


1. ART-MAN2© is the newest iteration of ART-Fi’s technology-leading RF near-field phasor system for SAR measurement. Designed with ART-Fi’s patented D-PHASE© technology, it is the first and only technology able to measure devices in real emission conditions, in particular in the presence of multiple emissions (cellular / Wi-Fi / BT, MIMO, 5G…).

Building on its visionary ART-MAN© platform, ART-MA2© brings several major innovations: a new generation of RF E-Field probes; enhanced automation and quality control features for superior comfort and confidence when running tests and certification campaigns; a new and upgraded calibration process; an upgrade path towards ART-eST© for OTA+SAR measurement.

2. ART-eRP© (advanced real-time–enhanced radiation performance) accurately measures in real-time the radiation performance of wireless antennas and devices including TRP(3), ERP(4), EIRP(5), 2D and 3D radiation patterns

3. ART-eST© (advanced real-time–enhanced SAR & OTA) is ART-Fi’s top-of-the-range system, the first and only system able to accurately measure in real-time: TRP(2), ERP(3), EIRP(4) and SAR and provide 2D and 3D radiation patterns.

ART-Fi’s product range is fully upgradeable: ART-MAN2© and ART-eRP© provide an upgrade path to ART-eST©, allowing customers to initially equip themselves with one system, whether OTA or SAR, and upgrade to OTA+SAR when required at a later stage.

CTIA Comparable Measurements

Extensive comparison campaigns with CTIA compatible measurement platforms (anechoic and reverberant chambers) have been performed on ART-eRP© and ART-eST© on a wide range of wireless devices and calibrated antennas, demonstrating the accuracy of ART-eRP© and ART-eST© compared to other measurement technologies.

FCC Antenna Information Requirements

ART-eRP© and ART-eST© enable manufacturers to satisfy FCC antenna information requirements(6) by providing radiated measurements, maximum antenna gain, 2D and 3D radiation patterns.

ETSI EN 300 328 Requirements

ART-eRP© and ART-eST© are an EIRP solution that supports the measurement of ETSI EN 300 328 for Wideband Data Transmission equipment, greatly reducing test time.

IEC 62209-3 Standard Compliance

ART-MAN2© and ART-eST© are compatible with IEC 62209-3 standard, which is the first performance oriented SAR measurement standard enabling modern measurement technology such as RF near-field phasor array technology supported by ART-Fi. This advanced standard is a must for 5G multiple frequencies in real emission mode conditions.

ART-Fi’s product range also includes:

4. ART-BORG©, the first hands-free total automation OTA + SAR robot, which offers an unbeatable customer experience. At the press of a button, ART-BORG will run the 6-steps test sequence to calculate the device under test’s radiation performance 3D pattern, or the hundreds of consecutive tests at all required positions for human exposure measurement.

5. ART-PMS©, the first fully integrated power management solution for metrological applications, is a powerful radiofrequency all-in-one platform for system validation and verification including dipole parameter monitoring.