ART-Fi's probe-array SAR measurement system ART-MAN received official acceptance by an R&TTE Notified Body, making it the first probe-array SAR measurement system to be accepted by any notified body worldwide.

When asked why this news was important, Mike Violette of American Certifications Body, Inc., said, “Probe-array SAR testing equipment just became the new paradigm for test facilities. This technology produces accurate results in seconds. Testing facilities for certifications will see immediate return on investment and will turnaround reports faster than competing facilities.”

The landmark decision came from American Certifications Body, Inc. (ACB), and is valid for testing to Annex IV of the R&TTE Directive and RCB certification for Japanese MIC requirements.

When asked about the technical aspects of the decision, Michael Derby of ACB Europe Ltd., said, “This is not a whimsical decision by ACB. We have been tracking this technology for months, including studies of the technology and test results. We have visited the ART-Fi engineering facilities and developed our technical confidence in this system.”

ART-MAN technology produces accurate SAR measurements in a fraction of the time it takes with legacy systems. It is extremely accurate, and can measure for 1g/10g mass simultaneously, while also capturing the phase and amplitude of the field. Until now, ART-MAN had been used mostly by R&D departments at mobile manufacturers.

Will this decision fundamentally change the industry? Michael Derby thinks so. “This is an important step in the development of valid test data. By creating a way for full SAR testing to be performed in a fraction of the time, the industry is much more likely to get real test results without the need or incentive to save time by cutting corners.”