High Speed Interconnects (HSI) exceptional phase stable, flexible, coaxial cable assemblies are ready to serve a variety of high performance RF/microwave applications.

At the 2015 European Microwave show in Paris, France, HSI will provide live demonstrations of its flexible, coaxial cable performance which delivers phase stability of < 1.5° and insertion loss of < 0.9 dB per foot @ 40 GHz - while wrapped around a 2" mandrel. These ultra-high-performance, flexible coaxial cable assemblies are designed to withstand less than 0.25 inch bend radiuses and exceed 90% velocity of propagation.
Delivering extraordinary performance, HSI's coaxial cable extrusion capabilities range from 16 AWG to 52 AWG which can be terminated to a wide range of high performance connectors such as SMAs, SMPs, SSMAs, MMCXs, or other finer terminations as small as 0.175 mm pitch.
To see the cables in action, visit High Speed Interconnects at the European Microwave Booth A-179 or watch the video at http://www.highspeedint.com/videos/Phase Stability/
To learn more www.highspeedint.com