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High Speed Interconnects (HSI) is a designer, extruder, and manufacturer of custom micro-coaxial and coaxial cable assemblies. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and with facilities in Portland, OR, HSI is one of a few manufacturers extruding its own high-performance coaxial cable. They are the exclusive cable assembly manufacturer using a new expanded PTFE (ePTFE) called VP90. HSI’s low-loss, low-capacitance, phase-stable, coaxial interconnect solutions are available in a variety of cable constructions. These constructions include circular and micro-coaxial cable assemblies down to 0.3 mm pitch and fine wire, direct-to-board assemblies down to 0.175 mm.

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Contact: Antonio Delarosa
Title: CEO
Phone: 480-998-2540


High Speed Interconnects
8777 N Gainey Center
Scottsdale AZ 85258
United States


Introducing VP90: The Latest in Dielectric Material

HSI's coaxial cables are processed using solid, foamed, and expanded PTFE (VP90) dielectrics — offering high performance coax cable assemblies up to 70 GHz and down to 0.175 mm in pitch. HSI is one of a few custom global manufacturers extruding its own high-performance coaxial cable and ePTFE (VP90).

Accuracy is Everything

In this video you’ll get an inside look at HSI. You’ll see our facility and learn how our commitment to excellence—and our approach to achieving all your specs—will have you thinking you’ll never have to make a tradeoff again.

Phase Stability - Highly Stable. Highly Flexible

In this video we demonstrate how incredibly stable HSI coaxial cables with VP90 ePTFE truly are. First, we wrap a cable around a mandrel and demonstrate zero degradation in insertion loss. Next, we compare our coaxial cable assembly against a competitors and demonstrate how the competitor fluctuates under duress while ours is rock steady.

Lower Loss. Longer Lengths.

Needing to go longer distances but can’t withstand any further insertion loss? In this video we demonstrate how assemblies with our low loss VP90 ePTFE allow you to go distances of up to 20% more with the same loss performance.

Ultra Low Capacitance. Exceptional Performance.

How can you cut the capacitance in your cable assemblies nearly in half? With HSI’s low loss VP90 ePTFE. In this video we quickly switch from a micro coax with solid PTFE to one with ePTFE and demonstrate a drop from approximately 30 pF to 16 pF.

HSI to demo phase stable cable assemblies at European Microwave 2015

High Speed Interconnects' flexible, cable assemblies are ready for a variety of RF/microwave applications. At the 2015 European Microwave show in Paris, France, September 6-11, HSI will be providing a live demonstration of their flexible, coaxial cable performance delivering phase stability of < 1.5° and insertion loss of < 0.9 dB per foot @ 40 GHz while wrapped around a 2" mandrel.

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HSI's video demonstrates achievements in ultra low capacitance micro coaxial cable

High Speed Interconnects, a custom, high-performance, coaxial cable extruder and manufacturer, has released a new video that demonstrates their achievement of capacitance as low as 8 picofarads (pF) per foot. When compared to other competitor coaxial cables built with various dielectrics typically achieving not less than 16 pF per foot, HSI’s cable uses a proprietary ePTFE dielectric called VP90. The enhanced dielectric achieves near air dielectric performance, eliciting an extremely low dielectric constant and thus, low capacitance and low loss.

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High Speed Interconnects' website connects RF coaxial interconnect users to performance solutions

High Speed Interconnects (, a custom, high-performance, cable assembly manufacturer, has announced the launch of a new website which features their full product lines of ultra-high performance and robust DC-60 GHz micro coaxial and DC-70 GHz coaxial cable assemblies. Many of these assemblies feature a new ePTFE dielectric called VP90, a key enabler.

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High Speed Interconnects' multi-conductor assemblies minimize impedance mismatches

High Speed Interconnects, a custom high performance cable assembly manufacturer, is introducing its MICTOR™ Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies. These cables are precisely impedance-matched to 50-Ohm impedance (100 Ohms in differential pairs) to achieve high performance and proven reliability in lengths and configurations that ideally match a customer’s requirements.

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Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

Phase Stable Cable AssembliesDelivering phase stability of < 1.5° and insertion loss of < 0.9 dB per foot at 40 GHz while wrapped around a 2” mandrel, High Speed Interconnects’ custom, flexible cable assemblies are ready for a variety of RF/microwave applications. HSI's coaxial cable extrusion capabilities range from 16 to 52 AWG and can be terminated to a wide range of high performance connectors such as SMAs, SMPs, SSMAs, MMCXs, or other finer pitch terminations.

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Customized Twinaxial Cable

Customized Twinaxial CableHigh Speed Interconnects (HSI) has recently announced the capability to engineer, extrude, and terminate twinaxial cables capable of exceeding today's high performance, server signal processing speeds. HSI's customized twinaxial cable handles speeds of up to 140 GBPS, while controlling for insertion losses of less than 0.8 dB per foot at 12 GHz. They have a tunable impedance range of ±0.5 ohm for 85 and 100 ohm designs.

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