High Speed Interconnects, an extruder and manufacturer of high-performance coaxial cable and coaxial cable assemblies, has announced a range of armored cables that display excellent compression resistance after crush forces in excess of 300 lbs. per square inch.

Constructed with High Speed Interconnects’ R-FLX™ crush-resistant cable technology, a wide range of ruggedized coaxial cables assemblies are available including single or multi-conductor options up to 500 channels with gauge sizes up to 48 AWG. Each conductor can be custom tuned for low-loss, phase-stable operation up to 70 GHz (connector dependent) or address any impedance or capacitance requirements. Designed for harsh environments, the abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and temperature tolerant assemblies are suited for industrial, defense, medical, and exploration applications.

These HSI ruggedized, high flexure solutions have minimum bend radiuses down to 0.50 in., with loss typically less than 1dB /ft, 1.10:1 VSWR at 18 GHz, phase stability of +/- 2 degrees and amplitude stability of +/- 0.05dB; or can exceed capacitance of less than 10 picofarads per foot.

Connector types include Hirose DF36, DF38, IPEX Cabline, Type-N, TNC, SMB, SMC, SMA, SMP, SMPM, SSMA, GPO, GPPO, G3PO, G4PO, MCX, and MMCX.

If you have an unforgiving application that demands a cable resistant to physical impacts and wear, visit http://www.highspeedint.com/armored-coax-cable-assemblies/. For a company snapshot on HSI and its unique capabilities, visit www.highspeedint.com