High Speed Interconnects (HSI), an extruder and manufacturer of high-performance coaxial cable and coaxial cable assemblies, has announced a broad range of highly-custom, micro coaxial cable assemblies intended to deliver signal and power.

Leveraging its in-house and proprietary coaxial cable extrusion and termination capabilities, HSI is positioned to manufacture small form-factor, lightweight, low-loss micro coaxial cable assemblies intended to address all routability, flexure and high-density concerns.

These high performance, high density, detachable coaxial cable assemblies are manufactured to deliver signal and/or complex hybrid (signal and power) coaxial cable solutions.

HSI micro coaxial cable assemblies are available using discrete, taped, or ribbonized constructions enabling the interconnect solution to be suitable for aerospace, defense and marine (AD&M), medical, robotics, wireless, sensors, automotive, as well as several other applications.

To learn more about these high performance, high density, detachable micro coaxial cable assemblies, please visit http://www.highspeedint.com/discrete-coax-cable-assemblies/. To learn more about HSI’s unique in-house capabilities, please visit www.highspeedint.com.