High Speed Interconnects, a custom, high-performance, coaxial cable extruder and manufacturer, has released a new video that demonstrates their achievement of capacitance as low as 8 picofarads (pF) per foot. When compared to other competitor coaxial cables built with various dielectrics typically achieving not less than 16 pF per foot, HSI’s cable uses a proprietary ePTFE dielectric called VP90. The enhanced dielectric achieves near air dielectric performance, eliciting an extremely low dielectric constant and thus, low capacitance and low loss.

Small gauge, micro miniature low capacitance coaxial cables are sought after in a variety of high-performance data transmission applications such as intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), intravascular imaging, micro-miniature CMOS imaging, ultrasound probes, and interventional catheter assemblies.

HSI’s broad range of custom micro-miniature, low capacitance coaxial cables can be terminated to complete turnkey direct-to-board solutions (down to 0.175 mm), or can be manufactured as discrete or multi-conductor bundled assemblies terminated to a wide variety of micro coaxial connectors, which are not limited to Hirose, IPEX and JAE connectors.

To learn more about HSI’s low capacitance cable watch the video. To learn more about HSI and their unique custom cable extrusion and assembly capabilities visit www.highspeedint.com.