Molex Inc. will present leading edge high-speed, high-density solutions at the 39th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2013) being held September 22-26 at the ICC London ExCEL, England.  ECOC is the largest European optical communications event for the fiber optic industry.

“At Molex we listen to customers and are dedicated to providing the right signal speed, design flexibility and scalability to propel next-generation system architectures,” states Scott Sommers, group product manager, Molex.  “At ECOC we are pleased to present state-of-the-art solutions for addressing challenges in data centers and other resource intensive applications.”

Molex industry experts will be on hand at the ECOC 2013 Molex stand #221 with product information and samples of Molex fiber optics, active optical cable, connectors and patch cord, switches, photonic and all-optical switches.  Polymicro Technologies, a Molex subsidiary, invites visitors to test its newly developed 200/230 Optical Fiber for data communications and factory automation and process control.

Adit Narasimha, new product development manager at Molex, will present “Engines of the Cloud: Silicon Photonics In An Age of Changing Data Center Architectures” during ECOC conference Session 1: Data Centre Networks (12:05pm, September 24).

Molex and other Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) member companies will unite at ECOC 2013 to showcase multi-vendor participation in OIF Interoperability 2013—Enabling the Next-Generation of 100G Architectures.  Stand #360 features OIF-hosted demonstrations, including three showcasing Molex technologies:

  • Thermal Resistant Pluggable Modules, zCD Connectors, Heat Sinks

This OIF demonstration blends state-of-the-art thermal technologies developed by Molex.  Utilizing eight zCD connectors, cages, modules and heat sinks mounted in a side-to-side airflow line card emulator, the demonstration investigates heat sink materials and the effects of heat sink pin geometry and interface surface roughness on thermal dissipation.  Sample zCD connectors will be on display at the Molex booth.

  • CEI-28G-VSR - Molex zQSFP+™ Connector

Having one of the fastest data channels of IO interconnect systems on the market, the Molex zQSFP+ connector system addresses the high-speed, high-density requirements of the telecommunications and data networking marketplace.  This OIF demonstration features zQSFP+ connectors in a VSR-compliant, high-speed connectivity application.  The zQSFP+ interconnects—one of the world’s first IO interconnects to achieve data rates in excess of 100 Gbps—will be operated at up to 25.78 Gbps per lane.

  • CEI-25G-LR Backplane Channel Connector - Molex Impel™ 25G LR Backplane System and Daughter Cards

This demonstration illustrates the OIF CEI 25G LR Implementation Agreement (IA) with 4-lane 100G operation across a backplane link with end-to-end loss of >25dB at 12.9GHz.  Each lane carries a PRBS-31 pattern running at 25.78 Gbps.  The system utilizes a MoSys 100G Quad Retimer, a single chip low power CMOS IC designed to support full duplex 100 Gigabit links for optical transceivers, active and passive copper cable, extended line card or backplane applications.  Consisting of two daughter cards, a backplane, and two mated connectors, a Molex Impel backplane system provides a scalable price-for-performance, high-speed 25 Gbps – 40 Gbps connector to enable more users to migrate to faster data rates.

“The collaborative OIF-hosted demonstrations serve to illustrate and promote the seamless interoperability of technologies between Molex and other industry leaders dedicated to advancing high-speed multi-channel systems in next-generation applications,” adds Sommers.

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