The Molex SpeedStack™ mezzanine connector system provides a low profile solution for PCB space savings and a narrow body width for optimized airflow in high-speed and very dense applications.  Compact SpeedStack connectors feature a stack height of 4.00mm and support data rates up to 40 Gbps per differential pair.  SpeedStack connectors will be displayed at Molex booth 117, DesignCon 2014, January 29-30, Santa Clara, CA.

“There’s heightened demand for system cooling and maximization of PCB real estate in high-speed board-to-board applications,” states Adam Stanczak, global new product development manager, Molex.  “SpeedStack was designed to optimize high-speed data transmission and rugged product reliability in a very slim and dense mechanical envelope.”

SpeedStack mezzanine connectors are designed for space-constrained OEM applications in telecommunications, networking, military, medical and many consumer devices.  Available in stack heights ranging up to 10.00mm, SpeedStack connectors feature a 0.80mm pitch, with a narrow housing design to minimize obstruction in convection air system cooling.  The high density signal solution with flexible pin counts comes in multiple circuit sizes (22, 44, 60, 82, 104, 120) with a range of 6 to 32 differential pairs.  The 100 Ohm version of SpeedStack connectors delivers superior impedance control while the 85 Ohm version supports PCIe* Gen 3.0 and Intel QuickPath Interconnect† (QPI) requirements for next generation I/O and memory signaling. The robust insert-molded wafer design includes a protected shrouded housing.  A shielding ground pin improves electrical performance and minimizes cross-talk.

“OEMs know firsthand the challenges of designing smaller and faster without sacrificing reliability.  SpeedStack delivers on every count—bringing Molex customers superior design versatility and the performance they want in a connector,” adds Stanczak.

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