MaxGain Cables

Achieving a combination of ultra low loss, flexibility and stable, repeatable, long-life performance has always been a major challenge in the world of microwave cables. Generally some of these requirements can be satisfied, but seldom are all achieved in one cable. Now, Times Microwave Systems introduces MaxGain™ ultra low loss, flexible microwave coaxial cable. Ideally suited for applications where the absolute lowest loss and exceptional long life stability are required, MaxGain cable assemblies are designed for general microwave applications in both field and laboratory conditions.

MaxGain cables are available as fully tested custom cable assemblies using specially designed passivated stainless steel connectors, or in cable form for use by skilled assembly facilities. Note that Times only recommends termination of MaxGain cable by skilled technicians in a suitable manufacturing environment. MaxGain cable assemblies are readily available directly from Times Microwave Systems, built and tested to exacting customer specifications.

Years of effort have gone into developing the mix of component and construction details necessary to achieve the MaxGain performance levels. Especially important is a proprietary outer conductor geometry that mimics the performance of a solid and smooth tubular conductor, to provide stable, repeatable and unmatched long life performance.

Features and benefits include: lowest insertion loss available, DC to 18 GHz; insertion loss of 20 dB/100 ft at 18 GHz for MaxGain-300 cable; ultra stable and repeatable insertion loss, VSWR loss tracking performance with wide temperature range (-65° to +150°C); superior flexibility, low minimum bend radius; and outstanding shielding effectiveness
(> 100 dB).

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