Times Microwave Systems has introduced its T-LNC™ low noise cables for use in vibration monitoring and wear detection applications. T-LNC-300-50-PUR is as 50 Ohm low noise cable employing a ruggedized polyurethane outer jacket and T-LNC-240-75-PVC is a 75 Ohm version featuring a flexible non-contaminating polyvinyl chloride outer jacket. Both cables employ a combination of optimized semi-conducting and insulating dielectric layers and metallic braid shielding to help dissipate static electric charge and reduce mechanically-generated electrical noise.

T-LNC™ cables are the perfect cable solutions for noise-sensitive applications such as vibration and wear monitoring and detection as well as low voltage signaling in high vibration environments.

Applications include accelerometers, strain gages, transducers and low voltage signaling in high vibration environments.