Michael Casper, CEO and CTO, UltraSource Inc., a supplier of custom thin film circuits and ceramic interconnect devices, announced the new CopperVia™, based on the existing patented UltraVia™ process. The CopperVia will be introduced at 2012 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium/Exhibition, June 19 - 22nd at Palais des congrès de Montréal, Quebec, Canada, booth 2802. UltraSource’s new CopperVia process fills vias with pure copper material to provide a low cost, highly conductive, extremely reliable electrical and thermal path in ceramic thin film substrates. Like its sister technology, UltraVia, the CopperVia virtually eliminates epoxy or solder bleed-through while maximizing thermal and electrical conductivity and reliability.

CopperVia offers designers additional flexibilities for today’s thin film microcircuit applications

The new CopperVia process extends UltraSource’s existing portfolio feature set offering engineers additional flexibility to meet design challenges of complex and high density planar, 2.5-D, 3-D, and multilayer thin film circuitry. Michael Casper, CEO and CTO, explained that he is investing significant resources to meet today’s aggressive customer requirements for thin film microcircuit and passive element structures.

“RF and microwave hybrid circuits, electronic interposers and interconnects, mandates high levels of electrical and thermal performance on various alumina ceramic based substrates,” says Casper.

Kevin Callery, Director of Business Development, went on to explain that solid filled vias provides a low inductance, microwave grounding path, allowing high performance RF circuits to be assembled in a thermally efficient surface mount configuration.

“CopperVia is being offered to provide engineers additional design flexibilities in meeting all of their requirements while simultaneously lowering the costs of multilayer designs. The CopperVia enables a lower cost thin film structure than using other precious metals for making a signal or power interconnect between planar layers of high frequency circuits and meets reliability requirements for harsh environment applications such as defense and security systems, fiber optic transceivers, infrared detection, radar, and medical applications,” said Callery.

CopperVia added to Technology Platform

The CopperVia provides designers a cost effective technology to enable high performance DC, RF and microwave, optical structures, thin film planar and multilayer circuits, and passive component structures. The CopperVia has been added as an integral part of the UltraSource Technology Platform, providing designers the most comprehensive suite of thin film solutions available anywhere. The UltraSource Technology Platform offers competitive advantages for designers looking to break through to new levels of performance in the areas of integration and miniaturization, speed and signal integrity, power dissipation, reduced cost, and increased bandwidth.