UltraSource Inc., an industry leader in delivering thin film on ceramic manufacturing solutions, will be showcasing several of its technologies at this year’s IMS 2013 held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington June 4-6. 

UltraSource will be located at Booth #611 and be on hand to speak about a wide range of their product and technology offerings from their extensive portfolio:  CopperVia, UltraFast, Polyimide Options, Back-Side Burnishing, and Ultra-Thin substrates.

Thin film circuit design engineers looking to improve their critical designs through improved performance, lower assembly costs, or even reduce size will be able to discuss with UltraSource:  the benefits of copper vias over gold, the performance, benefits, and functional advantages of using Polyimide, and UltraSource’s newest offering of Ultra-Thin substrates.

As transmission frequencies push higher and higher to gain broader bandwidth and higher data flows, designers of microstrip and coplanar thin film circuits need to use Ultra-Thin substrates to enable circuit miniaturization and high frequency transmission efficiency. UltraSource supplies circuits on Ultra-Thin substrates in low, medium, and production volumes. UltraSource wants you to know that “Thin is In” and we can help you with your Ultra-Thin substrate requirements!

In fact, UltraSource has been fabricating thin film circuits on 3 mil (75 micron), 4 mil (100 micron), and 5 mil (125 micron) substrates for over 20 years but formalized their offering of Ultra-Thin substrates this past week by adding a new webpage under “Capabilities/Solutions”.  UltraSource employs a host of tools and techniques that enable cost effective processing of Ultra-Thin substrate materials. We fabricate circuits on Ultra-Thin substrates made from: 99.6% Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Fused Silica, Quartz, Glass, and Silicon.

A key enabler for thin film technology is its ability to incorporate features that can drive high levels of miniaturization and performance like these features that can be integrated into most Ultra-Thin designs:  Plated Through Holes, Copper or Gold Filled Vias, Laser Trimmed Sheet Resistors, Nickel or TiW Solder Dams, Polyimide Features, Post Laser Machining, Double-Sided Pattern & Etching, and Back-Side Burnishing for Epoxy Adhesion Enhancement.

As an industry leader in delivering thin film manufacturing solutions, UltraSource, Inc. is the logical choice as your supplier for build to print thin film circuits and interconnects. We offer a vast array of breakthrough processes and integrated features that can solve many performance, cost, and assembly challenges. UltraSource, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified and registered as a defense contractor with the United States Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls and Compliance.

Stop by Booth #611 at IMS 2013 to see “What’s New at UltraSource” and for a chance to win and iPad mini.