Rogers Corp., represented by its Power Distribution System (PDS) Division, will showcase some of its more popular products for power electronics applications at the upcoming Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference, March 13-14, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL.

The Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference is an industry-leading conference focused on the latest trends and technical advancements impacting motor, drive and automations systems.

Rogers PDS is launching new technology at the Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference with its RO-LINX® PowerCircuit™ busbars, which provide multi-function capability in a single, compact form factor. PowerCircuit busbars can distribute power and signal lines or have components mounted on the busbar structures — saving space and weight. These three-dimensional (3D) capable structures are ideal for a wide range of power distribution applications in EV/HEVs, wind/solar power, and variable-frequency-drive (VFD) markets. At the conference, on March 13, Rogers will present a paper describing this new technology.

PowerCircuit busbars are solder-process compatible, and the highly integrated structures help engineers in the design of power and control circuitry while maintaining small circuit footprints. In addition, PDS will demonstrate the benefits of their industry-standard RO-LINX series of laminated busbars, known for reliable long performance and safety in demanding applications.