Rogers Corp., represented by its Power Electronics Solutions (PES) Division, will showcase some of its most advanced products for power electronic applications at the upcoming APEC 2013 conference and exhibition.

APEC 2013, the Applied Power Electronics Conference (, is the leading event for practical and applied power electronics engineering in North America. It is scheduled for March 17-21 at the Long Beach Convention Center, CA. Rogers Power Electronics Solutions Division, consisting of Power Distribution Systems (PDS) and curamik®, will feature its high-performance power electronics products at APEC 2013, Booth # 405.

Rogers PDS Division will demonstrate the benefits of their industry-standard RO-LINX® series of laminated busbars, known for their reliability, safety, and durability in the most demanding applications. RO-LINX® busbars provide engineers with UL listed solutions for a variety of applications, including mass transit and electric propulsion, industrial drives, renewable energy, medical devices and data centers.

In addition, the PDS Division will showcase its two latest additions to the established RO-LINX series: the RO-LINX PowerCircuit® Solutions and the RO-LINX® Hybrid.

RO-LINX PowerCircuit Solutions are the ideal alternative when the current and power requirements of the application exceed the capabilities of a standard PCB solution. Its compact 3D design and superior thermal management result in space and weight savings. RO-LINX PowerCircuit Solutions are highly integrated structures that are solder-process compatible. These products help engineers design power circuitry with the smallest possible footprint.

RO-LINX PowerCircuit Solutions are ideal for a wide range of power distribution applications in electric vehicles/hybrid-electric vehicles (EV/HEVs), wind/solar power and variable frequency drives (VFD).

The RO-LINX Hybrid busbar is especially designed to reduce installation time of a battery module by combining power and signal lines for voltage and temperature measurement, in a one piece solution. Integrated surface mount components, such as connectors, enhance the functionality of the assembly. The RO-LINX Hybrid is the ideal solution in battery management systems for (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles.

Aside from their standard product offering of Al2O3 and AlN DBC (direct-bond-copper), curamik will present the new members of their product family, Si3N4 (silicon nitride) DBC and AMB (active metal brazing) ceramic substrates. Additionally, their unique micro-channel cooler solutions will also be on display.

curamik CERAMIC SUBSTRATES - based on a ceramic isolator, Al2O3 (alumina), AlN (aluminium nitride) or Si3N4 (silicon nitride) - are known for great thermal conductivity. Their high heat capacity and heat spreading make curamik’s products irreplaceable in power electronics.  Target applications are power modules in the Industrial, Automotive, Renewable Energy, and Mass Transit sectors as well as cooling of diode laser and high performance computing applications.

curamik MICRO-CHANNEL COOLERS consist  of several layers of pure copper with very fine structures that create three-dimensional structures for cooling high-performance electronics. These liquid coolers are smaller, lighter, and 4x more efficient than traditional module structures with liquid cooling and thus the ideal solution for high-power density applications such as high power laser diodes, solar-cell arrays, and high performance computing.

In the exhibitor seminar session on Tuesday, March 19th, curamik will present the benefits of their new Si3N4 substrates especially in the area of reliability. Measurements and tests have proven that Si3N4 substrates show a 20-50 times better thermal cycle behavior than conventional ceramic DBC materials depending on metallization method (DBC or AMB).