Richardson Electronics Ltd. announced that it has once again teamed with Scintera® Inc. to bring the newly enhanced SC1887-03 Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer (RFPAL) to the UHF broadcast TV transmitter market. This fully adaptive, “RF-in, RF-out” amplifier pre-distortion solution operates directly at the carrier frequency, and requires only the addition of a few standard RF components to implement. The Scintera SC1887-03 RFPAL is a practical, cost-saving solution that satisfies today’s digital broadcast TV needs for reduced amplifier distortion and increased power efficiency, across a broad range of digital broadcast television power levels. The RFPAL precisely compensates power amplifier nonlinearities including AM/AM and AM/PM distortion, spectral regrowth, memory effects and other system level impairments.

“Scintera’s versatile amplifier pre-distortion technology helps RF designers to achieve the newest digital broadcast television performance specifications, without having to constrain the amplifier design to a power-backoff mode,” said Chris Marshall, Vice President of Marketing and RF/Microwave Components for Richardson Electronics. “This field-proven, system-on-a-chip (SoC) approach can therefore both improve transmitter performance and reduce overall cost in all DVB (T/H/T2), CMMB, DTMB, ISDB-T and ATSC television applications.”

Kris Rausch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Scintera Inc., added, “We are proud to team-up once again with Richardson Electronics to bring our SC1887-03 to market on a global basis. Over the past year, the Scintera/Richardson team has helped countless design engineers to improve performance and get to market quickly with advanced power amplifier designs in wireless cellular communication systems. Together, we are now extending the same benefits to the world’s digital broadcast TV transmitter designers.”

The SC1887-03 covers the UHF frequency range from 470 to 862 MHz and provides up to a 26 dB improvement in adjacent channel leakage rate (ACLR) performance. Its operating temperature range is -40° to +75°C making it suitable for outdoor applications. The SC1887-03 is available in a 9x9 mm, 64-pin QFN package and is fully RoHS compliant.