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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

The NI Automated Test Outlook Report is Here

I look forward to this every year, when NI releases its annual Automated Test Outlook. The 2017 report reviews the key technologies impacting automated test environments from reconfigurable test instrumentation to software-centric test platforms and ecosystems for next-generation device test.

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Top 15 Technical Articles of 2016

Here is a look at the most popular technical articles (by number of page views) for 2016. About half are cover stories but several are older, classic articles from many years ago (including #1).

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Richard Mumford, MWJ International Editor

Gary Lerude

Gary Lerude, MWJ Technical Editor

Weekly Report

For the week ending March 17, 2017
A weekly summary of company, product, market and technology news for busy people.
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Weekly Report

For the week ending March 10, 2017
A weekly summary of company, product, market and technology news for busy people.
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Weekly Report

For the week ending March 3, 2017
A weekly summary of company, product market and technology news for busy people.
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Janine Sullivan Love

Janine Sullivan Love, Events Director and Contributing Editor

Profiles in Innovation: Tom Sikina, Raytheon Co.

Innovation is a major focal point at EDI CON USA 2016, which will bring together industry leaders to discuss creative ways to address today’s engineering challenges in RF, microwave, and high-speed digital design. Tom Sikina, principal engineering fellow at Raytheon Co. will be giving the plenary keynote this year, “Innovation in Phased Arrays; Past, Present, and Future” on Tuesday, September 20th. In advance of Tom’s talk, I thought it might be interesting to get to know him better, so I asked him to help kick off our Profiles in Innovation series.

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EDI CON 2016 Opportunities Abound

This year marks the first that we are running two EDI CON conferences: EDI CON China on April 19-21 in Beijing and the new EDI CON USA on September 20-22 in Boston, MA. Both conferences include an exhibition, keynotes, technical conference sessions, workshops, networking, and training opportunities.

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5G and Beyond - National Instruments

The Latest from the 3GPP Workshop on 5G in Vienna

In early December, I attended the 3GPP RAN#74 TSG meeting in Vienna, Austria. This was the last plenary meeting before the official 5G work item (WI) kicks off at the 5G RAN #75 meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia in March. The 3GPP membership has poured a lot of investment into the study of new technologies and methods to meet the 5G architecture requirements, and with the first big milestone just three short months away, here are a few high level takeaways from the 3GPP Workshop covering 5G.

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5G Outlook from Asia

In October, I traveled to Asia with stops in China and South Korea. While in China, I gave a talk on 5G at the Wireless Communications and Signal Processing conference (WCSP) in beautiful Yangzhou. I met with several researchers at the conference and was also able to travel to Nanjing to meet with professors at Southeast University (SEU). As you can imagine, wireless researchers are focused on mmWave and Massive MIMO.

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Brent Dietz

Brent's Musings

The Web World of RF

Thankfully, for those answering holiday questions about hinterplexers, the world is digital. There’s an app for slide rules and a whole world of online RF resources to uncover the most arcane RF/microwave facts. Brent Dietz shares his favorites.

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ROG Blog

Changing Temperature Can Change Circuit Performance

Circuit materials are evaluated by a number of different parameters, including dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df). Those two parameters also have temperature-based variants that provide insight into the expected behavior of a circuit material with changes in temperature, notably the thermal coefficient of dielectric constant (TCDk) and the thermal coefficient of dissipation factor (TCDf).

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What Type of Circuit Material Works Best for Millimeter Waves?

Millimeter-wave frequencies are being used more often, in automotive radars and soon in 5G wireless networks. But before such frequencies can become widespread, low-loss circuits must be designed at frequencies such as 60 and 77 GHz, and fabricating such circuits will require suitable circuit materials. Selecting circuit materials at such high frequencies will depend upon knowing which circuit and material parameters have the most effects on performance, and finding materials with a favorable set of characteristics for millimeter-wave frequencies.  

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Tracking Trends in RF Laminate Formulations

Recipes are often refined with time, in hopes of improving the results. Over the years, many different formulations have been applied to create high-frequency circuit materials. The efforts have led to a variety of current circuit laminate choices for a wide range of high-frequency applications and performance requirements.

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