Richardson Electronics Ltd. announced it has teamed with Scintera Inc. to bring Scintera’s recently announced SC1887 to the worldwide market. The SC1887 delivers critically needed power amplifier linearity improvements without requiring access to the I/Q baseband signals. This digitally controlled analog technology works at the RF signal level, can be brought to market quickly, and requires only the addition of a few standard RF components to implement. Scintera’s SC1887 Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer is a practical, cost-effective solution that satisfies today’s needs for reduced amplifier distortion, increased power efficiency and higher output power.

“By making small modifications to an existing RF amplifier design, we now have the ability to enable our customers to quickly design-in this important new power amplifier enhancement technology,” said Chris Marshall, Vice President of RF and Microwave Components for Richardson Electronics. “Scintera’s technology allows RF amplifier designers to achieve the newest performance specifications with relative ease. This technology improves Class AB and Doherty PA performance for CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, DVBH, MediaFLOTM, Multicarrier GSM and LTE applications.”

Kris Rausch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Scintera Inc., added, “We are proud to team up with Richardson Electronics to bring our SC1887 system-on-chip (SoC) to market. Its global team of field applications engineers will provide the proper level of support for OEM design engineers seeking to improve performance on existing RF amplifier designs or to create something entirely new for their specific application. In either case, design engineers are discovering that the SC1887 is an elegant solution that reduces development costs and speeds time-to-market for their amplifier design improvement projects.”