Richardson Electronics and Cornell Dubilier sign global distribution agreement

 Richardson Electronics, Ltd. announced a new global distribution agreement with Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE), a manufacturer of quality, high-performance capacitors used in demanding industrial applications. The agreement aligns with CDE’s efforts to advance capacitor technology for new applications, with Richardson Electronics’ global sales team supporting these new opportunities. 

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Sarantel Helps Improve GPS Receiver Designs

The Sarantel SL1203C antenna’s integrated O-Ring improves upon an already rugged, waterproof and dust-proof design of the SL1203A. It still weighs-in at only 13.4 grams, including the built-in SMA Plug. An integral DC block allows direct connection to receivers with DC voltage on the RF input. Package dimensions: 14...
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Richardson Adds Powerex Diode Module

The new 1000 Amp Free-Wheel Diode Module from Richardson can be used to add increased free-wheeling diode capability across Powerex’s standard IGBT product lines. The QRS061K001 high-current fast diode module was developed for use on 230 V AC lines (or 340 V DC lines) and has an average current...
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