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5G yellow brick road

5G in 2021 & The Rise of The Machines, Part 1

5G has been heralded not only as a new frontier of cellular telecommunications, but an enabling technology for a new paradigm of interconnectivity and intelligence in devices deployed throughout the world. Advances in smart manufacturing, cities, transportation, and our homes, is part of an overhaul that will further enhance, automate, and generally “augment” people’s lives and our interactions with the machine realm.

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MWC Shanghai 2021 Goes Hybrid

First In-person event for our industry this year

MWC Shanghai 2021 took place this week using a Hybrid event format so was the first in-person trade show for the industry this year. They expected about 200 exhibitors and about 20,000 visitors, about a third or the normal amount, so it will be interesting to see the actual counts when they are reported.

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Open RAN

How the Nature of the RAN is Fundamentally Changing

Over the decades, the RAN has been subject to ongoing technological progression (to improve the quality of service, raise data rates, support new applications, etc.) through enhancements being made at regular intervals. The majority of these have (relatively speaking at least) been fairly subtle. Looking ahead, these kind of incremental alterations are no longer going to be enough. What is called for, instead, is dramatic and decisive disruption of the RAN at its very foundations.

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Blog 2

Digital Beamforming Trends For Satellite Applications

The emergence and rapid development of active antenna systems for terrestrial communications has also spurred development of highly integrated and capable digital beamforming (DBF) solutions for satellite applications. Read about this new development.

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GSA 5G Ecosystem December 2020 Report

More Than 300 5G Devices Released to Date

The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) announced the the number of 5G devices has surpassed 500 for the first time, accompanied by rapid increase in the number of commercially available 5G devices.

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Horns Will Help to Make 5G Millimeter Waves a Reality

Mario Leone, Owner Impulse Technologies, Inc.

Horn antennas and the waveguide transmission lines to which they are typically attached may seem like things of the past, or technologies that have long since seen their primes. But in an age in which the world is readying for the 5G cellular wireless communications, horn antennas provide real solutions for communications links operating at millimeter-wave frequencies. Learn about the advantages of using horn antennas in your design.

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Junkosha probe cable

The Importance of Cabling in Probe Stations for High Frequency 5G Applications

Masaru Omoto, Junkosha

Probe stations allow a user to position electrical, optical or RF probes on a silicon wafer and connect them to a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) so that the device can be tested. Using high-end cabling in a probe station is crucial: cables must be low loss, lightweight and both phase and amplitude stable against temperature, flexure and vibration. Learn how cable manufacturers are optimizing for high frequency 5G applications.

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