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Satellite 2021 Flat Panel Array Technology Review

One of the biggest innovations being deployed for satellite communications systems is flat panel beamsteering arrays that will replace mechanically steered dish type systems. These beam steering arrays are low profile and lighter that previous systems. The main problem has been getting the cost down. We saw many companies at Satellite 2021 that are battling for this market using several different approaches.

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Autonomous Car

New 4D Automotive Radars Hitting the Market

Promising near LiDAR resolution, enabling fully autonomous vehicles and other sensing applications

There has been a lot of activity recently around next generation radar sensors for automotive applications. These newer “4D radar” units determine an object's location in range, azimuth, elevation, and relative speed to provide detailed information about the driving environment as earlier automotive radar systems only captured speed and azimuth. These new radar sensors provide better resolution than previous versions which is where Lidar excels. Here are some of the latest developments in this area.

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Concerning PCBs and the Transition from Microwaves to Millimeter Waves

As readers learned in the first part of this two-part ROG blog,1 printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be made for millimeter-wave frequencies by considering circuit-material characteristics when making the transition upward from microwave to millimeter-wave circuits. This second part of the blog explores how different circuit technologies often used at microwave frequencies and different circuit materials handle higher-frequency, millimeter-wave circuits.

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The Analog-of-Things Rise is the Crucible of digital innovation

It isn’t news to any professional in the electronics industry, or virtually any other, that almost any technology, process, or service that can be internet or intranet connected is being connected. If it is a wired connection or a wireless connection, the fundamental way most people are interacting with their world or data is being done with, or enhanced by, connected devices. The heart of innovation is effective and accessible communication. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for devices to relay information one to another, but intrinsically relies on an analog backbone to operate.

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The First IMS Hybrid Event

The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) took place in-person in Atlanta, Georgia from 6-9 June followed by a virtual version two weeks later. The in-person technical program and exhibition were shortened due to the limited number of attendees, with the total attendance near 1500 with about 200 exhibiting companies.

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Bonding Materials Minimize Loss in Multilayer Millimeter-Wave PCBs

As the demand grows for circuits serving available frequency spectrum in the mmWave range, circuit designers are meeting those demands using newer low loss circuit materials or hybrid circuits composed of multiple layers of dissimilar circuit materials, such as very low loss circuit materials for higher-speed, higher-frequency circuits and more cost effective circuit materials such as FR-4 for functions such as ground planes, power planes, and control lines not requiring such low loss circuit material.

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Hybrid Events Take Main Stage in 2021

While last year was the year of virtual events, this year is the year of hybrid events as we work our way out of COVID-19 quarantines and back into in-person events. See what is in store for the rest of the year.

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