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5G Standalone Networks Have Arrived

When we started 5G network deployments, it was planned to first implement 5G non-standalone (NSA) networks that used 4G infrastructure followed by standalone (SA) 5G networks that are separate, complete 5G networks. This year marks the first release of 5G SA networks as GSA has identified 47 operators in 24 countries worldwide that have been investing in public 5G SA networks (in the form of trials, planned or actual deployments). In addition, a number of these are testing or deploying 5G standalone technologies for private networks.

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5G Tools

GSA August 2020 5G Report

Tracking the roll out of 5G, the August 2020 GSA report said the number of announced 5G devices has continued to climb quickly. In January 2020, the number of announced 5G devices exceeded 200 for the first time; by end-July 364 devices had been announced, of which 162 were understood to be commercially available (up from 135 at the end of June).

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IMS2020 Highlights

I attended the virtual IMS2020 event this week and wanted to highlight some of the significant product announcements I saw in the news plus review the 5G Summit and closing ceremony.

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ROG 10 Years

Ten Years of Blogging on Microwave Journal’s Website

10 Years of the ROG Blog and It May Just Be the Start

Ten years ago, when we started the ROG Blog with the help of Microwave Journal’s dedicated editorial staff, it might have seemed impossible to keep a regularly scheduled blog on circuit materials going for even a few years, let alone for 10, without undue repetition. But the continued interest in the ROG Blog from our readers—thank you, folks—and the ever-improving quality of the circuit materials that we are writing about has “fueled the fire” and given us much to write about.

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Protect Your Brand's Reputation

In the past, brand safety has not been a big concern for most companies. Recently though, the major digital platforms have allowed posting of hate speech and false statements (especially relating to political posts) and have disseminated content globally without any review or monitoring of the content. While Twitter was relatively quick to label some of the political statements as possibly false, Facebook refused to take any action for months. As a result, in July more than 1000 companies boycotted Facebook, including the likes of Verizon, Starbucks, Coke-a-Cola, North Face, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Unilever, Levi Strauss and Ben & Jerry’s.

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Yole RFFE Mkt

TF-SAW vs. BAW: RF Companies Taking Different Strategies

Extracted from System Plus Consulting and Yole Développement Reports

“Qualcomm and Murata are today leading the RF filters market,” asserts Stéphane Elisabeth, Technology & Cost Analyst from System Plus Consulting. “In the smartphone industry, within the filter market segment, the two companies are today facing off, and competition is fierce.” Read this analysis of the RF Front End filter market evolution.

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Rel 16 Qualcomm

Propelling 5G forward: A closer look at 3GPP Release 16

Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President, Technical Standards, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.

Just last week, 3GPP completed 5G NR Release 16 — the second 5G standard that will greatly expand the reach of 5G to new services, spectrum, and deployments. This is a major milestone for the entire mobile and broader vertical ecosystem, as this new set of 5G specifications unlocks many new 5G opportunities beyond the traditional mobile broadband services.

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Make Practical Use of GCPW at mmWaves

Successful application of GCPW technology involves understanding how the performance levels from fabricated PCBs can differ from the near-ideal performance levels predicted for GCPW circuit designs by commercial computer-aided engineering (CAE) software tools. A few factors can lead to differences between what the software predicts and what is achieved by a GCPW circuit, especially for mmWave circuit designs at high volumes.

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