Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division

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Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division
136 Coonbrook Rd.
Petersburgh NY 12138
United States


Taconic Gets Flexible

Taconic introduces HyRelex, a family of low loss, high reliability, thin, flexible interconnect materials. HyRelex laminates can be used in conjunction with HyRelex bond-ply and cover-lay for a wide range of applications including high frequency circuits and controlled impedance low loss cables. HyRelex is robust enough to retain its...
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Taconic Materials are RoHS/WEEE Compliant

Taconic, a manufacturer of PTFE and specialty coated fabric laminates and pre-pregs for RF, microwave and high speed digital circuitry applications, is committed to producing materials which are considered safe with respect to environmental and human health issues.
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