Taconic introduces HyRelex, a family of low loss, high reliability, thin, flexible interconnect materials. HyRelex laminates can be used in conjunction with HyRelex bond-ply and cover-lay for a wide range of applications including high frequency circuits and controlled impedance low loss cables. HyRelex is robust enough to retain its excellent electrical and mechanical properties in applications exposed to harsh environments. "The new HyRelex family enables high frequency applications to fit varying form factors using flex and rigid flex circuit technology," said Robert Nurmi, vice president of corporate development. "Additionally, HyRelex is based on established material technology, which means that current PTFE circuit processing knowledge is all that is required to process this new, high performance circuit material."

HyRelex laminates are available with dielectric constants of 2.60 and 2.90, along with closely matched Bond-plies (dk 2.70, 3.00) and Cover-Lays (dk 2.70). Laminates are available as thin as 0.001" (25 μm) and can be ordered with various copper styles. For more information, visit Taconic at booth #2041.