Rigid and flex RF materials from Taconic offer low loss, low moisture absorption and excellent peel strength for military and other demanding PCB and high speed digital applications. Rigid laminates such as TLY, TLX, TLG, TSM, RF-35, RF-60A and Cer-10 offer dielectric constants from 2.17 - 10.00. These materials, constructed with PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, are laser ablatable materials that are phase stable, have high mechanical stability and stable Dk over frequency.HyRelex flexible laminates provide dielectric constants from 2.60 to 2.90, offer superior dimensional stability and perform well at extreme temperatures.Taconic's rigid and fl exible laminates offer high performance in: Radar Systems Avionics Electronic Warfare High Speed Digital Interconnects Telecommunications Military Missile Guidance Systems