Designed to eliminate skew in differential transmission lines and eliminate Dk fluctuations caused by fiberglass in filter and coupler applications, fastRise™27 is a low temperature thermosetting prepreg based on ceramic, thermoset and PTFE. It is ideal for use with Taconic’s standard low loss laminates like TSM-29. The low 0.0017 Df @ 40 GHz enables the production of mm-Wave multilayer PWBs. The low 420F lamination temperature enables sequential laminations to be performed at lower temperatures than those normally used for FEP and PFA in military constructions.

fastRise™27 offers high performance in mm-Wave antenna, military, semiconductor test and other applications that require low loss at high frequencies. This fiberglass free, laser ablatable prepreg has a stable Dk over temperature and is a low temperature alternative to thermoplastic films in military designs. This materials also eliminates the need for low temperature melting PCTFE which has a high loss at mmWave frequencies. Due to fastRise™27’s low Dk, thickness of ATE printed circuit boards can be reduced.