Circuit Designers: An Endangered Species?

Overview of the impact of sophisticated CAD software on today's analog design engineer
Special Report Circuit Designers: An Endangered Species? Ernest Rejman, Contributing Editor Back in the Jurassic Period, when the four-function calculator first made its appearance, some greeted it with dismay. "Suitable for imbeciles," spat an elder engineer of my acquaintance. "Now it won't be necessary to even know how to...
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Test Enables High Volume Manufacturing

Analysis of the impact of advanced test methods on the development of the mobile communications market
Special Report Test Enables High Volume Manufacturing Ernest Rejman Contributing Editor Fig. 1 A concept of a device capable of uploading and downloading data and video, and offering voice communications. Source: Nokia. A nightmare looms on the horizon for test manufacturers as well as their end-users, the device and...
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CD Radio Promises Data and Audio Listening Relief

A look at digital audio broadcasting popularly referred to as CD radio, and the major players in the CD radio arena
SPECIAL REPORT CD Radio Promises Data and Audio Listening Relief Ernest Rejman Contributing Editor I f while driving on the interstate you cannot elude Hank Williams' laments about cheatin' love and his long-dead hound, or are trapped in New York, Chicago or San Francisco, irritated by bad reception when...
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Bluetooth Puts Bite on Mobile Communications

A description of the Bluetooth specification, its implementation and application, and some hurdles to overcome
SPECIAL REPORT BLUETOOTH PUTS BITE ON MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS Abstract: Within a year, devices of all kinds - from laptops and cell phones, to PDAs and household appliances - will be capable of communicating and interoperating with one another using a new wireless networking technology called Bluetooth. Before this happens,...
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3G is Poised to Take Over the Cellular World

A look at third-generation (3G) hardware and software, which are expected to significantly expand the range of available wireless options
3G is Poised to Take Over the Cellular World After much hoopla, third-generation (3G) hardware and software are finally preparing to become a reality at a global scale. Unresolved design and protocol questions are rapidly being addressed — but does anyone want a hand-held unit for the Internet? Ernest...
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